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About Us

A platform for years 3-13.

At UDesign Learn Kids, we are at the forefront of online education, striving to redefine the boundaries of e-learning for children aged between Year 3 and Year 13. We extend our services to public and independent schools, offering a comprehensive, engaging, and robust learning experience.

Our Mission

At UDesign Learn Kids, we understand and appreciate each child's distinctiveness. We firmly believe each child is unique, and their educational journey should reflect that uniqueness. To ensure this, we provide personalised learning pathways that meet their needs, propelling them toward achieving their full potential. Parents and tutors can set homework tailored to their child's needs, and our advanced and intuitive platform allows them to identify areas in which the child may be struggling. This way, we ensure focused and targeted learning to drive continuous improvement.


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A Wide-Ranging Curriculum.

Our platform caters to a wide audience, embracing students from primary, secondary, and independent schools. We cover core academic subjects like Maths, English, Science, and Verbal Reasoning, offering a balanced blend of cognitive development. We traverse many academic years, from Year 3 to Year 13 levels, covering essential educational milestones from ISEB common entrance , GCSE, A levels, Grammar schools, SATs, 11+, 12+, 13+. We strive to ensure our learners are prepared, confident, and ready to face any academic challenge that comes their way.

An Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience.

We believe in transforming learning into an interactive, engaging journey of discovery. This philosophy is embedded in our approach, which involves learning, testing, and mock testing. We pay close attention to the development of essential skills and leverage gamification techniques to make lessons more interactive and fun. This approach makes learning enjoyable and boosts the child’s motivation and engagement levels.

Our Comprehensive Services:

UDesign Learn Kids offers an array of services through an online platform that meticulously tracks individual progress to the smallest detail. We empower parents with the ability to set homework and tests for their children, tailoring the learning experience to their child’s needs. Our team is available for homework services or checking sessions, helping identify if a student needs additional support. Our services extend to more intensive support, such as the option to book a one-to-one tutoring session with our highly experienced and passionate tutors.

Services for Schools:

In addition to our individual-focused services, we extend our platform to schools, offering features enabling close monitoring of each student’s progress. Teachers can set homework and tests with specified due dates, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience that complements the in-school curriculum.

Our commitment to education accessibility has driven us to offer our services for free to students on free meals. This initiative aligns with our vision of universal access to quality education.UDesign Learn Kids is passionately committed to empowering the next generation through innovative, engaging, and personalised learning experiences. We aim to inspire confidence, cultivate a love for learning, and drive academic growth in every child we reach. Embark on this enriching educational journey with us and discover the transformational power of quality online learning.


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